100BIO™ Foam Advantages vs. Current Foam Products (EPS)

* Our product is 100% compostable in less than 9 weeks, whereas EPS foam takes hundreds of years to break down. 
* Our product is made from all natural raw material, whereas EPS is comprised of petrochemicals and other environmentally detrimental materials.
* Our product will not leech pollutants into the atmosphere or earth, whereas EPS has toxic chemicals that release harmful carcinogens such as styrene.  

100BIO™ Foam vs. Non-Foam Plastics

* On Average, 60% Less Raw Material Used
* More Insulating
* Much Lighter
* Greater Resistance to Cold
* Greater Shock Resistance
* Multiple Disposal Options
* Price Competitive


 We created the 100Bio™ line because we are passionate about reducing waste and contributing to a compostable future. Making no compromises to style and functionality, we hope you will enjoy using our ultra-light, 100% compostable products as much as we loved developing it.  

Additionally, we are here to help make your transition to a compostable future as easy and enjoyable as possible. We are committed to making sure you do not feel like you’re making any compromises when it comes to style and design, nor have any anxiety about the disposal process. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions! To learn more about our company, TAG PACKAGING, visit us here.